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Roleplay Template

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art by Michael MAdlock!

"Character quote goes here."
"Character quote goes here."
"Character quote goes here."
"Character quote goes here."
◘◘◘◘◘◘◘ Looking for the free and complete coding of this format? Click here. ◘◘◘◘◘◘◘
(If you have any, insert monikers and aliases here.)
Name: ??
(イルカ, "First Name", うみの, "Last Name")
(Use the format above to add a translation of your character's name.)
Summary: (Provide a brief description of who your character is.)
Clan: ??
Age: ? years old
Sex: MaleImage/ImageFemale
Race: (Human, Demon, Alien?)
Birth-date: ??
Blood-type: (O, A, AB, B?)
Height: ? ft (? cm)
Weight: ? lb (? kg)
Orientation: ??
Voice Actor(s): ?? (English) ?? (Japanese)
Theme: (Select a song that describes you best. Optional.)
?? (Father), ?? (Mother), ?? (Grandmother), ?? (Grandfather)Image
Personality: (Provide a well-detailed description of your character's behavior.)
Appearance: ??

Background: ??
Reputation Status: [1] [2]
Unknown, Lesser Known, Well Known, Flee on Sight, Distinguished, Hero, Legendary, Mythical
(Provide a summary of your reputation level.)
Birthplace: ??
Residence: (Where do you live?)
Affiliation: ??
Ninja Registration: (Personal ID number given to each shinobi. Optional.)
Ranks: ??
Positions: (Please include governmental positions, if any.)
Classifications: (Medical-nin, Sensor, Missing-nin?)
Team: Squad 0 (??, ??, ??)
Disciple(s): ??, ?? (Former)
Sensei/Mentors: ??, ?? (Former)
Economic Status:
Unknown, Lower Class, Middle Class, Upper Class
(The higher one's rank and mission levels given, the more money they make. Use this as a gauge to determine your numbers.)
Occupation: ??
Annual Salary: ¥0 ryō (How much do you make in a year? Optional.)
Net-worth: ¥0 ryō (In total, how much is your character worth?)
(Wealth should be measured in dollars when calculating despite the fictional currency used in story.)
Significant Locations: ?? (Add names and descriptions.)
(Include places like special dimensions, homes, and hideouts that are associated with your character.)
Education: ??
(What education did your character start or complete? Example: Hidden Rock Ninja Academy, Mount Myōboku.)

(Add or remove ranks and positions according to your needs.)
Academy Student: ? years old
Genin: ? years old
Chūnin: ? years old
Special Jōnin: ? years old
Jōnin: ? years old
Kage: ? years old
Daimyō: ? years old
(Other positions may include: Anbu, Clan Lord, Jōnin Commander, etc.)
Completed Missions
D—Rank: 00 C—Rank: 00 B—Rank: 00 A—Rank: 00 S—Rank: 00
Accolades: (Medals or certificates one might've received.)
Textual Works: (Books, Novels, Codes of Law, Scrolls?)
Notable Conflicts: ?? (Add any important wars or battles you've been in.)
World Travels: (Places your character has been.)
Ambitions: (What are your goals?)
Kekkei Genkai: ?? (Simply list the names of the kekkei genkai belonging to your clan. Provide links if needed.)
Summary: ??
(Summarize your clan here. Also include the link to its official wikipedia page, if it has one.)
Unknown, Active, Endangered, Extinct
Clan Lord: ??
Known Members: ?? (Optional.)
Affiliations: ?? (Include villages, countries or other clans.)
Background: (Write a short story of your clan's origin and background.)
Use this space to describe how your character uses tools and weapons, including their level of mastery.
(Please list the tools your character has at their disposal below.)
Animal Companion: ??
Summoning(s): ??
Tailed Beast: ??
(If needed, remove options that do not apply to your character.)
Tailed Beast Mastery: 0% Mastery
(If needed, remove options that do not apply to your character.)
Other: ?? (Include other entities involved with your character. Example: Spirits, Demons.)
Give a description of any section classified as Experienced, Considerable or above.
Chakra: (Only required if your character has a different than normal chakra.)

Chakra Reserves:
Basic, Experienced, Advanced, Immense, Mammoth, Astronomical

Chakra Control:
Basic, Experienced, Advanced, Remarkable, Outstanding

Life Force:
Weak, Average, Considerable, Powerful, Muscular
(To get a better understanding of life force and its purpose click here.)

Weak, Conditioned, Strong, Indomitable

Weak, Conditioned, Strong, Indomitable
(This is an optional section; delete if it does not pertain to you. What is the power of your Intent? Only those with the greatest of wills can possess Intent that stifles or uplifts others. Example: Killing Intent.)


(Important: This section is meant to go along with the ninjutsu percentage level shown in the Jutsu and Skill Data tab below.)
Use this section to list the Nature Transformations your character can use. Keep in mind that dependent upon your personal ninjutsu mastery percentage level, your character can have access to only a certain number of elements. Take into consideration your rank. This can be changed by the use of kekkei genkai or experience gained in role-play.

The higher your mastery, the more you are expected to describe your character's use of each element they possess.

Basic (0% to 20%—1 element), Experienced (20% to 40%—2 elements), Advanced (40% to 60%—3 elements)
Proficient (60% to 80%—4 elements), Mastered (80% to 100%—5+ elements)

Basic, Experienced, Advanced, Mastered
(Not limited to chakra-based sensory but does include other unique methods.)

Low, Normal, High, Genius, Super Genius

Hand Seal Knowledge:
Basic, Experienced, Advanced, Immense, Mastered

Speed Level:
Basic, Experienced, Advanced, Immense, Astonishing
(This role-play uses a Speed Tier System shown here. It is, however, designed to define the speed of jutsu in comparison to one another. Although the system is not necessary to complete this portion of the bio, keep it as a reference for future use in combat or for dispute judgement purposes.)

Physical Strength:
Average, Conditioned, Mammoth, Monstrous

Basic, Advanced, Immense, Mammoth

Stamina Level:
Basic, Experienced, Advanced, Immense, Dominant

Recovery Rate:
Basic, Advanced, Rapid

Take note of your character's age and rank when deciding upon percentages—the lower your rank and age, the lower your percentage of mastery should be. Anything above 50% mastery requires an explanation below to explain why you possess it.

Use the data below as a rule of thumb:

Academy Level (0% to 10%), Genin Level (10% to 20%), Chūnin Level (20% to 40%)
Jonin Level (40% to 60%), Kage Level (60% to 100%)

Taijutsu: 0% Mastery
Ninjutsu: 0% Mastery
Genjutsu: 0% Mastery
Fūinjutsu: 0% Mastery
Medical Techniques: 0% Mastery
(In order to compliment the story and this format a special grading system has been made for those who practice medical techniques. Please click here to determine where in-fact you are when it comes to mastery.)
Space-Time Techniques: 0% Mastery

Dōjutsu: 0% Mastery
Kekkei Genkai: 0% Mastery
(Other than your eye techniques, how well has your character mastered the power of their bloodline limit?)

(Customize the list above by adding other jutsu types not listed. Example: Juinjutsu, Cooperation Ninjutsu, Senjutsu.)

Hiden Jutsu: ?? (For an explanation, click here.)
Canon Jutsu: (Abilities from the series. For those chūnin and above, basic ninja arts do not need to be listed. Only list techniques your character can rightfully know. For example, someone from Kirigakure should not possess Chidori.)
Signature Jutsu:

Body Modifications: (Was your body modified in any way to do something special?)
Unique Traits: (What are your unique powers, if any?)

(What special transformations or forms can your character take on?)

Notable Weaknesses: (What is your main weakness(es)?)
Favorite Color: ??
Favorite Food: ??
Favorite Phrase: ??
Favorite Word: ??
Would Like to Fight: ??
Hobbies: ??
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??
Cultural Influences: (Include any beliefs, religion or philosophies your character possesses.)
What sort of trivia information might other people find interesting?
⦿ Trivia information and facts go here!
⦿ Trivia information and facts go here!
⦿ Trivia information and facts go here!
⦿ Trivia information and facts go here!


(This biography arrangement was created by Michael Madlock. Updated in 2020. I commissioned these pink tabs that are free-to-use for Michael Madlock’s groups. ~Anna#1767 )

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