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Testing Stuff

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It was beautiful—a streak of golden light glistened across the sky from one end to another. Even if you hadn't blinked you might still miss it; the raw energy cut through the heavens cleanly. This mode of transportation was invaluable and allowed such ones to arrive at destinations instantaneously while protecting themselves from wear-and-tear through conversion. It unfortunately required quite the abundant amount of chakra and focus, however. In this way she appeared as a beacon, no doubt tipping the demon himself off. This was no matter to her though, seeing as he had himself become a herald.

"This... will be the concluding confrontation! I swear by it!"

Within less than half a breathable second the priestess and her acolyte appeared in a flash of light about fifty meters from him.
Upon re-materializing her hands were brandished with a bow and arrow while her arms studied the transformed man and aimed deadly weapon in his direction; the target? His cranium. She made no attempt to attack and at first said not a single word.
For the briefest of moments her eyes dilated and glanced off to the right; this would signal for Kagura to flee into the building behind her in order to perhaps rendezvous with those inside taking command. She could feel her husband's chakra here. On the back of the woman was purple-hued quiver with a total of fifteen specialized arrows within it, each one blessed by the holiest of rituals yet to be uncovered. Her garments, bow and even what she normally used to tie her hair up were all holy articles as she herself was a holy woman, the High Priestess of the Order of Priestesses. One should expect no less.

Owa still possessed a mental plane connection to Kagura Suzuki and her spouse Sam'e Narukagami; in this way she'd be able to convene with them at any moment. Using her intense spiritual power and large soul she could multitask, studying the auras of Naraku himself in methods that had been age old. Once she was given the signal by him that the cards were in place she would act accordingly. Her comrades in the spiritual plane throughout the regions would behave just as they had two years ago in this once hallowed city, though instead with the most particular of placements in Naraku's wicked region.

She had arrived in the same span of time that the demon himself had; with five seconds to spare before the storm reached the United Republic's capital in full. "I am certain that you are aware that I am a priestess and prophetess. Have you come for a reading of your fate, wicked goblin?" There was an obvious tinge of sarcasm and scorn in her voice, though the intent behind them seemed to be far less. She was blanketed in duty and responsibility as opposed to revenge and hostility. "For me to waste the utensils of the Order on parlor tricks would be a sin. Didn't you know?" She could feel his demonic energies coming forth. Closer and closer every second.

"But before I send you to the afterlife... I have a single question for you."

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