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Posted: May 7th, 2019, 2:33 pm
by Yukio Takamiya

- Please write in English only.

- Refrain from using words that might offend anyone.

- Mature content is allowed but uncomfortable kinks like rape should be discussed and agreed on by all involved parties.

- No god-modding. In other words, do not try to take control of another player's character. If you have done it by accident, apologize and edit your post.

- Do Not intrude on an RP that isn't yours.

How to Start:

- Go to RP Recruitment and post a recruitment. Include what you would like to have in the roleplay(Plot, group/private, etc).

- When discussions have been finalized, go to Roleplaying to open a thread for your roleplay. Give the roleplay a title and state (Private) in the title if you do not wish for anyone to intrude on your roleplay. State (Open) if the roleplay is open to anyone.

Important Note::
Do not intrude on a private RP. PM members of the RP if you want to join an RP that has already started. Newbies, do not jump right into an established RP. Start off with a small private roleplay, get used to how things work before slowly settling into longer and more complex RPs.

Report to our staff if anyone intrudes on/spams in your roleplay and refuses to stop.

Inactive RPs will be moved into RP Graveyard after 3 months of inactivity. Contact any of our staff to revive a dead RP that you want to get back into.

- Manhwas
- Yukio Takamiya