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Game Piracy Megathread:
Credits: I copy/pasted this deleted thread called "Game Piracy Megathread" found here ... egathread/ (it's deleted so you won't find the content there.)

First you'll need some programs to help you download things:

qBittorrent - (Highly recommended, works extremely well and has a similar, clean UI as uTorrent in case you're used to that)

Deluge - (Another great client, works very well)

Tixati - (Good program, but UI is user-unfriendly and a bit complicated)

Transmission - (Biggest client for Apple devices, now in beta for Windows)

(used to download much faster, easier and better)

Internet Download Manager (IDM) - (crack can be found on either or Steam Underground)

JDownloader 2 - (link to the Adware-free installer)

Use a paid VPN, free ones leak and don't actually protect you. Plus they have limited bandwidth and are extremely slow.

This is personal preference for many and there's a ton to choose from, so instead of listing random ones; read this list and make up your own mind on which VPN suits you. - ... 17-170304/

7zip - (Link to the latest version, just so people don't download older versions which have trouble extracting some archives)

WinRAR - (Crack can be found on - Link to the latest version, just so people don't download older versions which have trouble extracting some archives)

WinCDEmu - (Just in case you want or need to mount your ISOs and not extract them with WinRAR/7zip, extracting is easier and better for the majority of people (yes, you can extract ISOs))

ilSFV - (This allows you to check your game files' integrity with SFV files, useful to make sure none of your files are missing or corrupt - DO NOT ENABLE THE SHELL EXTENSION, IT HAS A BROKEN SCRIPT AND WILL BREAK THE CONTEXT MENU)

DaapGameCenter - ... mes_kinda/ (This is pretty much Popcorn Time for games, it obtains games from IGG-Games and makes them easy to download and play)

HashCheck Shell Extension - (Same as above, but supports many more formats (such as MD5, SHA, CRC, etc.) and integrates right into the Windows Explorer context menu, works great in combination with the ilSFV)

Multi-option download (torrent and/or DDL):

Steam Underground - (Easily the best game piracy site around; go here for cracks, patches, help and general game piracy)

FitGirl Repacks - (The best repacker to date, smallest and highest quality repacks you can find)

SceneGames - (From the creators of GoodOldDownloads, SceneGames is the best site for downloading clean scene releases; usually before they're available on other public trackers)

Torrent Sites:

Rutor - (The site is in Russian, but most games are in English and this site has one of the biggest libraries out of all - Use Google Translate to check if the game is in English or not)

RARBG - (Scene/Internal release site, go here for scene releases)

GamesTorrents - (Another great torrent site, has a whole bunch of older games that you might not find anywhere else)

3DM's torrent tracker - (The torrent tracker of the biggest P2P cracking group; 3DM. Plenty of games, updates, etc.)

DDL Sites:

GoodOldDownloads - (Basically GOG, but every game is free (even has games that are no longer on GOG), go wild!)

REVOLT Forum - (The biggest supplier of multiplayer cracks and Steamworks fixes to date, plus the home to one of the greatest crackers ever; Voksi)

GameCopyWorld - (The best site to get cracks for any game from any time period)

NicoBlog - (Nice little site that has a lot of games from multiple platforms, especially older ones)

uTorrent (Malicious, associated with the MPAA and riddled with ads (some NSFW).

Bittorrent (Owned by the same company as above)


Corepack (THEY ARE NOT REPACKERS, THEY MAKE RIPS. Their releases are broken, missing content and their NFOs are full of false information)

nosTEAM (They repackage (not proper/normal repacks) old P2P releases and claim them as their own, they usually upload very old versions of games without all the available DLC, their site is filled with malvertising and they've uploaded malware in the past)

OceanOfGames (They upload malware, nuff' said)

1337x (It's full of malicious torrents, paid promotions (the reason that the 'Top torrents' are random Inidian movies with barely any seeders) and dodgy moderators who keep the malicious torrents up.)

LimeTorrents (So many things wrong with this - The site hasn't been moderated properly for years, so it's most likely full of malicious torrents, the search function doesn't work properly and it's filled with ads that get past most standard-level adblockers)

Any sites claiming to be a scene group, such as:

SkidrowReloaded, SkidrowGames, SkidrowCrack, CPY-Games, etc.

SCENE GROUPS DON'T HAVE SITES - If you're on a site claiming to be a scene group, know a scene group, have access to a scene group, etc. Close it immediately, they're all fake.

P.S. Make sure to check out our Discord server if you need help or want to chat :)

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