Introduce Yourself! [OPTIONAL TEMPLATE]

Introduce yourselves here! May our veteran users welcome our new friends!
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Introduce Yourself! [OPTIONAL TEMPLATE]

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INTRODUCE YOURSELF by starting a new thread!

SAMPLE TEMPLATE (optional usage)!

Copy and paste this template to a NEW THREAD on this subforum ^-^

Code: Select all

Discord Name:
Are you new to Discord?:
How long have you been reading Manhwa, and what got you into it?:  

Gender: optional  
Horoscope/Zodiac: optional
Country/Timezone: optional
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink: 
Favorite Music:
Favorite Manhwa/manga/manhua/webtoon:
Favorite Anime/TV Shows/Movies:
Favorite characters: 
Things I like: 
Field of Study:
Job: (example: student) 
Short bio about yourself:
Anything else to add:

Anything else you want to add:

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